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Get onboard the ADG Solution Partner Program as a Registered Partner and scale in the ecosystem with the following benefits

Partner at Zero Cost

Becoming a ADG Solution Partner comes at no cost at all. Enablement, certification...

Increase Revenue Channels

Grow with ADG solutions and the robust Marketplace as you...

Expand Your TAM

ADG multi-product offerings work together seamlessly and help you offer solutions...

Leverage Value Migration

Move away from selling product or services and take leverage...

Collaborate with a Dedicated Partner Team

Get support from our partner team that includes not only channel...

Marketing, Presales and PR

Our marketing team has the know-how to help generate more opportunities for your business.

We raise public relations awareness of solutions and product communication that sets us apart from our competitors.

Full service for local presence of all our vendors, Knowhow regarding ethnic differences, an understanding of the needs of various clients in Adriatic region

Our Features Include

Financial Benefits01

We have put a lot of effort into developing programs that we believe are financially meaningful to our partners. Partnering with us will benefit you from a perspective of competitive discounts, transaction registrations and additional incentives.

Technical & Support Benefits02

The expertise in solutions and managed services shows that sales and technical teams are familiar with one or more areas of IT security. Achieve one on one solution specializations to demonstrate a high degree of expertise that stands out from the competition.


When you deliver the right level of technical expertise – both pre-sales and post-sales – it’s easier for your business to win and retain more customers. That’s why we support our partners’ technical teams – and also help them to develop their own skill sets.

Program Benefits

Our multi-tier Solution Partner Program—split into registered, authorized, and preferred partners—offers various opportunities, rewards, and incentives depending on the tier. As you grow in the partnership, so do the benefits.

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The value of the badge

With the Google Partner badge, you’re able to showcase your Google Ads expertise to clients and stand out in the industry.